Anne est professeur dans un collège en France. Elle souhaite parfaire son anglais en vue de devenir traductrice freelance. Elle cherchait une ville à taille humaine dans laquelle il y a de belles choses à visiter. Elle a séjourné sur la côte sud de l’Angleterre dans une famille d’accueil avec qui elle a gardé contact. Elle souhaite repartir l’été prochain pour une nouvelle expérience au Pays de Galles. Lisez son témoignage en anglais !

I must tell you I’ve really enjoyed my stay in Portsmouth. Mr and Mrs S. (her host family) are very nice and friendly people as well as the other students who stayed there. I really enjoyed the school as well, the lessons were really interesting and the teacher Mark was a very good teacher, his lessons really corresponded to my needs, so … I even changed the level from B2 to C1 and Mark wrote really nice compliments about my English. So, you see, I’ve been very happy in Portsmouth.
I have already decided I would do the same next summer and I would be interested in Cardiff!